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What a weekend...
Sorry I haven't written since Thursday. I was actually planning on writing on Friday morning, but I didn't end up having time to. It's been an eventful weekend, I had a really good time. I met Kane on Friday afternoon and we went in the Arndale, looking to buy easter things for one another (of which we ended up eating most of before today, but nevermind). The weather on Saturday was really nice so after making myself feel sick eating too much strawberry ice cream, we went out for a few hours. It was nice down the dell, cause it was really warm and we took quite a few photos. We got to this part, where there was a load of rocks and water falling onto them so fast it was white, and there was a path to walk around it nice and easily, but we decided to climb up the rocky part at the side of it, which was really fun but very mucky haha. At the end of our dangerous little outing, we came out of the dell much further away than we thought we would, and ended up walking from Rochdale to Whitworth. It was worth it though, and atleast the sun was shining.

I was brave and tackled my fear of heights. The view from the top of the viaduct.

I pull the most flattering faces.

I got quite a lot of chocolate today, I've eaten quite a bit of it aswell, I must say I'm feeling rather sick! Kane got me bloody loads, the Lindt chocolate bunny he got me is staring at me as I type, but it looks too cute to eat actually! I'm going to go and have some quiet time now me thinks.

Love Me ox


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