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Arctic Monkeys.
Wow, I know Arctic Monkeys are my favourite band, but I'm shocked at how quickly I've fallen in love with their new album. It's absolutely immense, full stop. I didn't think they would be making a comeback quite as soon as they have done, but boy am I glad they did. Now all I need is for them to tour :)
My favourite songs off the album so far are probably Dance Little Liar, Crying Lightning and Pretty Visitors. I think its safe to say the band have taken quite a turn for the morbid, but the music is still really good. People are saying that they've lost the unique sound that they occupied in the previous two albums, (whatever people say I am, that's what I'm not/favourite worst nightmare) but I just think they've grown up a lot in the past year or so, and that reflects in their new music.
Though I have to say, why on earth did Alex Turner grow his hair? I mean fair enough, long hair is alright, but get some GHD's on it for crying out loud, it just looks like a wig has been slapped on his head and he's stuck with it. Either straighten it, or get it chopped Turner!
Humbug is a very good album, and its interesting to see how much the Arctic Monkeys sound has changed since Favourite Worst Nightmare. Job well done I think, and I eagerly await the tour!

Love Me xo.


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