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I'm so glad that I'm currently on my two week easter break from school, I need the rest I can tell you. A combination of being unbelievably bored, and seeing a friend's livejournal drove me to start my own. I went out with Emma on Friday night for the first time in bloody ages. It was really good, I hadn't talked to her properly for so long! Saturday to Monday was spent with Kane, which was great. We didn't do very much but I just love the time we spend together. I'd go up and see him today, only I'm saving all my money for easter. £20 for an easter egg is a rip off if you ask me, but god they look good. So today is going to be spent doing nothing of great importance or interest, funfun. I've been looking for an outfit online, I have a christening in around two weeks time, and I need to look pretty haha. I was on ASOS last night, some of the prices made me feel sick, but i found quite a few acceptable ones! I want something that I'm going to be able to wear again afterwards, not just something I'm going to wear once. I hear pale, pastelly colours are in at the minute so thats what I'm searching for. And well, dresses are my trademark outfits, you'll see me in barely anything else, so its going to have to be a dress me thinks. I want some new shoes too. The summer holidays shall be spent searching for new clothes for college, I reckon. That's going to be the only problem with college, routing through the wardrobe every morning for something wearable! Speaking of college, I got my second audition date today. Its on the 22nd April, and I have to recite a monologue lasting 2-3 minutes, so I'm thinking of doing something from To Kill A Mocking Bird.
I'm rather deep in thought at the moment too, about tomorrow. I haven't seen my dad for a good while and he wants to see us all tomorrow - me, my sister and my brother, that is - and I'm just not sure if I want to go. I know it seems really materialistic, but he missed my 16th birthday! It's not that I wanted a present or money or anything, just a text would have been nice in all honesty! So im undecided on whether I should go or not.
I may go and read some of Russell Brand's 'My Booky Wook' now. I've had it since christmas, read it religiously for two or three days and now I've scarcely read it since February. Shameful. It's actually a really interesting book aswell, so that just shows that I have the attention span of a tiny knat.

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