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Good morning!
I'm sat up in bed, still very tired to say the least. I'm still no more decided about today's scenario, I don't think I'll end up going to see dad to be perfectly honest. We'll see. I was watching Horne and Corden last night, god those guys make me laugh! I want to know if there will be a new series of Gavin and Stacey?
Ooh, I do believe I found the perfect dress last night, for the christening. And would you believe it, after searching every clothes site known to man, the dress I eventually chose - Lee Evans would take the piss out of this - was on the very first site I went on in the first place!
So what are everyone's plans for the weekend? I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday! I'm going to Manchester tomorrow to buy easter stuff with Kane. He just said on the phone that he is going to eat it tomorrow, and I simply shall not let him. Saturday and Sunday is also going to be spent with Kane.
I've gotta say, I really like these wet look leggings and skinny jeans that people are wearing now. They're not to everyone's taste but I think they look really good! I saw some wet look skinny jeans on ASOS for £55 last night - which I don't think is too bad - and they were the same as the ones Cheryl Cole wore apparently. I bought a skirt with braces last month, and I have to say its my favourite item of clothing at the minute, I can put it with anything, I love it. One thing I don't like at the minute, is the real hair bows that Lady Gaga seems to be sporting. I think they look awful, but maybe its one of those things that is going to grow on me - I'll be raving about them soon! Anyway, I'm still sat up in bed and my hair is everywhere, so I am going to go and sort out my birds nest and make myself look presentable before dinnertime! I'll try to get back later on.

Love Me ox


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